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As well as...
  • Credit and Recognition at the end of each episode
  • AND Access to the exclusive Patreon feed for Mickey Gang Mondays




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What's up guys, it's your boy, Mickey Young... Thanks for paying my Patreon account a visit! It means a lot to me as this account will provide the resources for the follow-up to my last YouTube series "Mickey Mondays".

Think of this page/account as an extra layer on top of my YouTube channel. A layer that enables donations for my content in exchange for cool rewards! Rewards & Pledge Amounts to the right under "REWARDS" section -->

Come 2016, I'm looking to amp things up with what I'm calling "Mickey Gang Monday(s)" -- a cypher series that'll feature local, up-and-coming rappers from ALL OVER the midwest (and maybe even further out). Trust me it'll be beyond nice; however, it's going to cost me this year. I'm hoping you guys can rally behind me and bring this series to life!
"M-i-c, K-e-y, Y-o-u-n-g!"

(Here's one of my favorite episodes of Mickey Mondays from last year);)


Mickey Young, Hip-Hop artist from the Midwest. Drawing influences from Kendrick Lamar and other current TDE members as well as artists like Chance the Rapper, Danny Brown, and Drizzy Drake. His goal is to create the best entertainment for fans from the tracks to the shows, while giving them positive energy and encouraging introspective reflection on the world around. - See more at: http://itsmickeyyoung.com/bio/#sthash.92dH0SFX.dp...
$27 of $100 per YouTube Video
This is the minimum amount needed for a Mickey Gang Monday episode to come out. Proceeds pay all of the videographers and engineers involved behind the scenes. They're the ones who make these episodes come to life!
Friends… They have to eat as well :)
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