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In addition to the Fan benefits, the Rail-fans will also be presented with special video content that can only be enjoyed by our Patreons. If you've seen our videos, you'll notice that they appear to be presented in a "summary" format. Well, Rail-fan, now you can enjoy the entire process! 

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In addition to the Fan and Rail-fan benefits, Mega Fans get to hang out with show host Steve Brown once a month for a very special live session. Ask anything! Hang out! Be a part of what's happening on It's My Railroad! Not only that, Mega-fans also receive a link to their channel in all It's My Railroad and Track Smack videos, as well as specific mention on these shows! This is such a value if you are into It's My Railroad and Track Smack!




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It's My Railroad was founded with a mission to bring practicle modeling videos to the "Regular Guy" modeling community. Since that time, IMRR has expanded this simple mission to include solidarity between all people who enjoy modeling in all it's forms. While we are more slanted towards model railroads, we also promote and encourage all modelers who enjoy this awesome past time.

All of our videos are free to watch on YouTube. However, what is included here on Patreon are some added features and content that we hope you will really enjoy. You will find "behind the scenes", special content, and live interaction are all a part of what we offer our Patreons. So, if you've seen what we do, and you'd like to take it to the next level, then let's do this rail-fan!

Thanks in advance for your consideration!
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Once we hit the $2500 per month mark we will be able to hire a research assistant! This will allow us to bring even more detailed and relevant content to The Dirt Show Community!
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