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There aren't any specific tiers here. I thought about ways to reward people for supporting me, but all I could really see was that I'd be gating some people off from things if they couldn't afford them, and I don't want to do that.

Stealing a line from Jim Sterling: think of this as a subscription fee you don't have to pay. If you can and want to support me, anything you chose to give is amazing! If you can't or don't want to, hey, that's okay, too.

There is A benefit to it -- if you choose to become a supporter, you'll have easier access if you want to interact with me. I'm a tiny little spec right now, but given the nature of the material I'm doing, there's a pretty high likelihood that there'll be a lot of hate sent my way. But I think it's safe to assume most people who want to send hate my way aren't gonna send it attached to a buck. ;)




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About Wil Naught

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Well, mostly I feel like a big ol' fatty -- which I assume is kind of the same sensation. I found myself in my early 30's in a bit of a quandary. I don't like where I live, what I do, or what I look like, and I want to change that. I know I'm not the only one who thinks things can and should be better. 

I'm working on creating a chronicle of sorts. A planned outline of steps I'm going to take to change my life into something that makes me happy, instead of something that I'm just putting up with. I think that an honest, up front and critical view of the realities and difficulties of changing my own life can help to provide a starting point for other people as well -- regardless of where they are in their own lives. I'm certainly not claiming that I have all the answers, but I know from experience that having a concrete example that you aren't alone in your struggles can be incredibly helpful.

So that's what I'm endeavoring to do here. Fix me. Fix you. Fix the world. We talk about all the problems that society has: criminality, drug addiction, the obesity epidemic -- but we talk about it as though it can all be solved through more personal responsibility from the people who are already suffering. And I feel like that's crazy. 

Which leads me into part two of my goal -- I don't just want to be a fitness or life guru, I want to bring attention to public ills that we as a community can take actions to correct. I think that collective action is one of the most powerful forces for good in the world -- but you can't approach something collectively if you don't have a solid base of understanding to work from.

That's where the persnickety lecturing comes in. I feel like one of the major problems we have today is that we're talking past each other because we simply don't have a common base of understanding. So part of my plan is to tackle bridging some of those gaps through using my own struggles as a lens to focus it.

To put it another way, if I can get people to buy into the notion that a systemic problem such as obesity has systemic causes beyond simply "fat = lazy" then I can also hopefully prove that's true of other things as well.

That's my pitch. I would love for you to be a part of it. Whether you support me or not, thank you for reading my little diatribe. :)
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Closed Captioning done by someone who isn't me. I kinda suck at doing things in a timely fashion, and doing my own captions takes me a long time. It's something I think is really important, but I'd love to pay someone to do it for me.
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