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About FARZ

I'm a 16 year old newbie twitch streamer. I stream MTG and Hearthstone, along with a few other games (I'm very curious in starting to stream MOBAs like Heroes of the Storm, ) which intrigue me.
I love sharing music with my followers too, especially bands like The Strokes, The Wombats and stuff like that,
This stream is constantly improving, and I'm always striving to get better! Feel free to follow to join the coven, and join the HUSTLE to affiliate rank! I would really love 50 coven members by the end of the year!
I'm starting a patreon in order to get money for better laptop, more RAM, better mic, webcam - so I could possibly play games such as FORTNITE or PUBG, and give my viewers a better all-round stream experience
PS - My battle.net is RockerOllie#2267 and I play on the europe server

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