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About @itsyaboiNB

Norris Bennett A.K.A. N.B the Rapper/Sanger Dude was born in Douglas, GA. N.B moved around a lot as a Child due to his father’s career in the military. While constantly traveling, and discovering different cultures as well as environments, doors were opened to many things. Eventually it turned into his life’s mission to become an entertainer. Whenever music came on, N.B was front, and center doing his thing. That was the start of his lifelong passion of music, singing, performing, as well as all around entertaining. Having a vision of controlling his own destiny N.B decided to make it happen Independently for himself, and South Georgia as a whole. N.B became a man on a mission, to be heard, seen as well as taken seriously in the music industry. He set his sights on mastering his singing voice. Shortly after that N.B began to rap. Click my channel and enjoy. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share.

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