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About It Takes 3 Podcast Network

What is It Takes 3 you ask? Well! It Takes 3 is a podcast network created by 3 best friends Ingrid, Liss, and Michelle. We started out in the podcast world in 2016 with our first podcast Tree Hill Talk. We loved podcasting so much that we decided to create podcasts dedicated to your favorite TV shows.

Creating and running multiple podcasts takes a lot of time, work, and energy. The three of us currently work full time and any extra time we have is spent creating our podcasts, so that is why we decided to put together a Patreon Page.

This is where you guys come in. Your support of $7.99 a month gives us the chance to create more shows for you! We have a ton of ideas and future shows lined up! But we can't make that happen without your support. A little goes a long way. We love creating and Patreon gives us the opportunity to do more of that :)

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