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BOOM! You just earned the bragging right to call yourself a patron of the arts... If you can call my videos art. They're art, right?
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Hey big spender! $3 is enough for two protein bars. Thank you. You now are allowed to be mean to me on the comment section and I won't ban you.
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Now we're talking! You can pitch me ideas for my next videos and I will personally turn them down and tell you how much they suck.




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Hi, I'm Diego Salazar Castro or ITYPEGOOD if you can't remember or pronounce my long, Latin name. I'm a writer, editor, producer and comedian who wants to achieve creative and financial freedom by making videos that make me (and hopefully you) laugh.

I believe your time is valuable, so I keep my videos as short as possible. Have you ever watched a sketch (even from SNL) and thought "this is soooo long" or "this isn't funny at all." Well, with my videos, one of these thoughts will never cross your mind! All my sketches are less than two minutes long, we get in, get a laugh, and get out. No need for all that boring foreplay!

I try to release two sketches a month, or at least one... But never more than that. So now you know what you're getting into if you decide to become my awesome patron!

I hate ads and will never, ever, ever put ads to my video... Unless, they give me an offer I can't refuse. But I'd rather keep things ad free right now. And your generous contribution would help me continue making awesome content.

Check more of my stuff at my website:


And Youtube:

Thank you so much for wasting your money on me!
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Get $15 so I can buy me and the wife each a burrito  to celebrate the launch of my new video.
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