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Who Am I?
Hey, everyone! My name is Ryan and I create videos discussing Epochalism, Spirituality, Philosophy, and Ethics. I aspire to be a public speaker, full time author, and public speaker promoting this philosophy and engaging people in the world around them. I hope that you share at least some of the aspects of my vision for the world and my ideals and support my efforts to change the world one person at a time.

Why Patreon?
Crowdfunding is the surest way to keep my channel alive and running. Eventually, I'd like to produce content full time. Accepting funding through Patreon is the best way for me to reach those goals. Without support on Patreon, my channel will be reduced to a hobby. But with the support of a few followers willing to buy me a cup of coffee or so per week, I'll be able to keep producing content for the foreseeable future.

Where Your Money Goes
Producing content is time consuming. Your contributions will allow me to spend more time writing, filming, and editing, and less time with obligations at a full time job. In addition, much of what you give goes directly toward funding new equipment like cameras, lighting, a tripod, editing software, etc. With enough support from patrons, I'll be able to make this a full time endeavor, and accordingly devote enough time to my channel to upload more regularly. Eventually, my supporters on Patreon may allow me to work full time to bring this message outside of youtube. At that point, I'd be able to produce new video series, travel out of my area to visit others, and participate in public speaking engagements.

Thank You
To anyone willing to support me and my channel, you have my sincerest thanks. You are absolutely awesome! These funds keep my bills paid, food on the table, and, of course, the time freedom to bring more amazing content to you. I can't express how much it means to me that you're willing to support my cause. Again, thank you.
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