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You will receive a thank you from me! I will make a thank you tweet.

Also, you'll get access to the process of game development, screenshots, behind the scenes content and other awesome stuff :) 

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You will receive a big thank you from me!  You'll get everything what the Gamers get. Apart from that, I'll mention you in the credits of my game. Also, you can suggest your ideas and improvements for my game and take part in the development process.
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You will receive a big thank you from me! You'll get everything what the Supporters and Gamers get and you'll get a handwritten letter from me (worldwide shipping) :) 




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About Ivan Ludvig

I’m a 15 year old game developer. I develop games using libGDX and Java mostly for android.
I will be very pleased to receive something for my hard work. Currently, I need $25 for a Google Play developer account to publish my games.

I'm currently working on a quite nice game. It'll involve protecting a planet from asteroids. I'll post some screenshots soon (I don't have the graphics yet).
If I'll have the funds, I'll develop a 2D rogue-like RPG. I've already done all the game mechanics. I just need the graphics, soundtrack and a story (I partly have it).
Here's a screenshot:

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I'll become motivated to continue developing knowing that somebody supports me. I'll know that the huge time I've spent on game development isn't wasted
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