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Hello. My name is Ivan and I'm an artist from Russia.

When I started drawing, the first thing that I drew was a monster. It was many years ago now. I was a shy hairy teenager in a small town in the middle of Siberia. I was armed with only my imagination, some paper and a pencil, but it was enough for me. I drew all day, every day. Creating new monsters was my passion.

But when I grew up and went to university. I decided to study architecture. Alas, I didn't find it as interesting as I thought I would, and so, I left the institute and started working. I tried my hand at many different professions, all of which left me dissatisfied. Then I started working as a printing designer. And finally I became an illustrator.
A few years ago I invented a game to hone my artistic skills. It was simple game. People told me a monster's name and I created a picture of a monster based around this name. Once again I felt the surge of inspiration that had driven me during my childhood, and so, there I was, back at it again, drawing every day. But it couldn't last forever. I had to work and earn money. Now I work as a freelance illustrator. Most part of my work consists of designing vector illustrations for Shutterstock and other Mikrostocks. It's quite interesting, but not as interesting as monsters.

So, why do I need your support?
Well, I want to draw more monsters. Firstly though, I want to repaint my old monsters. I want to add a touch more realism, to breathe new life into them as it were. When I started my "Monster's name game" my monsters were initially much simpler than they eventually became. My new challenge which I have set for myself is to create a new monster every day. Who knows, if I have the opportunity, maybe even more more. With your valued support, you can help make this possibility into a reality. I'm hoping that with your help I can dedicate myself fully to doing what I love... drawing monsters. LOTS OF MONSTERS!!! Ahahahahaha!!!

"So what do I get out of it?", I hear you ask. The answer to that my friend is...yep, you guessed it, Monsters. Scary, funny, impossible, ugly, disgusting, ridiculous monsters. Different shapes and colours. I'm going to design posters with my monsters with 60 or 120 characters.
Also I plan to show to you other stuff that I do. Fan arts, Portraits and other things. I think you'll like it.
But firstly, monsters.
That is all. Enjoy my monsters.

Holy shit, I love monsters so much. I just wanna take each one and kiss their beautifully ugly little faces. My precious. Look at these little creatures, aren't they as cute as hell?

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I give up of some my work and will do 2 monsters per day.
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