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You know I need a beer more than you need $5 a month.
Buy a whole box of markers.
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Our private universities need your help. I might spend this on beer.




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Our $45,000/yr private universities are struggling. I should know, I stand in front of a class of students 75 minutes at a time, and I can't get a dry erase marker. They're supposed to be in our rooms. Often they're not. Our department can't supply them. $45,000/yr just ain't what it used to be (it used to be an entire college education, plus another $35,000).

I have to assume the financial straits are real, because the university seems to not have enough money to pay its faculty either. I get paid $3,750 per course. They charge each student $4,500 to take it. The money is going somewhere, but it's not to the faculty teaching the core curriculum, and it's not to dry erase markers. Maybe it's gambling debts.

Your contribution helps to buy crucial supplies that $45,000 per student per year aren't capable of providing, like friggin' dry erase markers. And ramen. Maybe a little bottle of toasted sesame oil to touch up the ramen with. And maybe some gin.

Definitely some gin. If you're in the area, I'll have one with you.
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Buys a 12 pack of black Expo markers. And I'll post on our faculty Facebook group that I've added a 10 pack of markers to the supply room.
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