is creating a story as a transformational journey through grief.
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About Ixchel

I am embarking on a journey through writing. This is a book about the life and death of my son, Sgt. Gabriel Guzman, who was killed in Afghanistan on March 8, 2008 by a roadside bomb. It is also a story about me, his mom, the exploration of his life and mine, and the journey through my grief.

It has taken me eight years to come this far, to be ready to write. My hope is that my story will touch others who are experiencing loss, those with a loved one who died in the wars, or a fellow soldier who sat beside him. Anyone who has lost a child, regardless of how, can relate to the way it tears at your soul. This story is about healing, for myself and for all those who it touches.

Why Patreon?

Writing takes time. It takes inspiration. It takes focus. With Patreon you can help support me so I can take the time to write my story. It's easy, you can contribute a little or a lot, your support will help me to:

  • Devote all my time to writing, research, interviews and the book.
  • Pay for Website work, hosting, etc.
  • Help me get a reliable car I can use for my journey.
  • Bring my kids and family with me to Arlington to take Gabe's ashes there.
  • Take a trip to Afghanistan. To actually see the area where he was stationed (if it's accessible).

How it works ...

Patreon is easy, it's similar to Kickstarter, but different. It's based on smaller, monthly donations. You choose to donate as little as $1 a month, if you have more and want to really help me move this along and reach my goals, you can give more.

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  • Access to my writing, as it's happening. You get to follow along on my journey of writing the book.
  • You will get access to parts that won't appear in the book. You might even help me choose what to include and what to leave out.
  • Monthly Videos of my journey and interviews with people along the way.
  • Monthly Video Chats and a Virtual Launch Party as the book goes live.
  • The highest levels receive either a PDF version or signed copy of the book, along with mention in the book credits.

$10 of $2,000 per month
Support in the writing. My dream is to take time off from work and everything else to just write. I'm a gypsy and I love to journey. The way I envision this is to drive across the country, from California to Arlington. I will make some stops along the way to visit with people Gabe knew. I'd like to interview them and ask them what Gabe meant in their life. I'd like to meet other soldiers and families. And I'll plan a lot of quiet stops of my own, time to be with my thoughts, like a pilgrimage or quest … time for soul searching and self reflection.
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