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I am an NYU graduate student studying public administration and policy. My interests include politics, philosophy (regarding language and morality), psychology, cognitive and behavioral science, and a broad range of policy areas. since beginning my studies I've become disenchanted with many in academia because of the general inability of many of experts and soon-to-be experts to communicate their ideas clearly. What's the use of doing amazing research if the people affected by it never can grasp or be exposed to it?

So I started /pol/itics and Incantations. In the greater conversation regarding politics, policy, and culture, there are a lot of voices but imo too many rabid ideologues who dehumanize their "intellectual" enemies. This doesn't make the world better. Here I will create videos, articles and highlight amazing work that I want others to be able to see, read, and understand. As a special thanks for your support, my Patrons will be the first to see books I'm working on, extra content, art, and more.
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When I reach this goal, I'll hold a bi-weekly live podcast, where Ill answer patron's questions. 
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