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Hello my name is Israel aka Izlann the Lion, I am a Twitch Streamer and I welcome you to my Patreon!
Join me for a stream on my Twitch Channel. Also check out my YouTube Channel which has Nightcores and game play videos. But enough of that your here to learn about me.
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Ever sense my discover of Video Games I have be obsessed with them. The first Video Game I ever play was Pokemon Gold on the Game-Boy Color with my older and younger cousins. Later in life I was then given a Nintendo 64 from the popular girl in my 1st grade class. Her family was getting an X-box and her mom knew my family couldn't afford to by me an gaming console. Sense then I have grown into a total Nerd for Computers and Video Games. Video Games have helped me through my many medical issues that I other wise probably would have fallen into deep deep depression without them as an outlet. In the 5th Grade I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder that makes me physically unable to get a good rest full sleep. So every school day my teacher or the unlucky student that had to sit next to me would have to shake me awake so I wouldn't miss the whole class. I then was diagnosed with Ulcerate Colitis in my colon. So I literally know what it is like to bleed from my ass hole. Finally I had my 1st seizure when I was just about 16. As I write this I currently can't drive the car I bought because of the law that you have to go 6 months without a seizure to legally drive. The toll all these medical issue have taken on me is great but family, friends, and video games have helped me through the struggle.

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I am currently 18; I work a part time jobs,busing tables, and I am going to college part time as well. I am aiming for a degree in website development and getting a job as a full time website developer. My dream is to become a full time Twitch Streamer and part time website developer! Those two jobs would make me so happy I think I would explode!!!!!!! I want to entertain people and make them smile. I want to give gifts as rewards for being entertained trough my Twitch, and you can help me make it possible through a small monthly donations. I am currently looking for fellow Lions to support my Twitch and YouTube Channels. I stream almost daily with it varying every once in a while due to college and work. My goal is to provide entertainment as well as chances for viewers to win Video Game, Video Game Consoles, and more!!!
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