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Any and all funds will help bring me closer to my end-goal, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3
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$5 Gives you access to patron only art streams held once every week, as a special thanks for you~
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Welcome to my Patreon Page. I know it isn't much right now, but I have high hopes I can build up to something greater in the future.

My Alias is Izzy, and right now I currently work on developing 2D Digital Art to further my skills, talents and overall outgoing assets. Most of the work I have and will do will be Furry related, however that's not all I will to limit myself to!

My aspiration is to make art to make others happy, and bring joy to the world one image at a time - even though I'm still very much in practice. <3 If you want to support me I am more than joyous for any amount of support I receive~
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More money per month means more time working on art. With $300 in a month, I should at least be able to keep myself at a somewhat stable life while working on what I love the most - art <3
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