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Each month you will receive access to a short guided meditation to help you develop the flow of energy in your own body and/or to help you develop a connection to the natural world around you. 
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Follow along with me as I explore and practice the boundary magic of the Irish hero Cu Chulainn. He used sorcery and magic as a guardian in service to people and we see descriptions of this throughout his stories. Each month I will share my interpretation of this magic as I continue to incorporate it into my own practice as a guardian. 

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Each month you will receive an excerpt from my book the Guardian Method of Healing. I'll be covering topics of energetic safety, spiritual martial arts, techniques for working the energy of the Earth to support healing practices and much more. As Patrons you will get the first look at the book as it is being written and have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. 




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About Izzy Swanson


My intention for this Patreon account is to share resources and to create a community for anyone interested in understanding energy. If you are sensitive to energy, if you are an empath, a healer, or a guardian, welcome.

Far too often, I encounter articles, discussions, and resources that describe in detail the difficulties of being energetically sensitive or of being an Empath. There are many resources that describe why it is difficult to function as someone who is sensitive to energy or to coexist with an Empath. We often hear about healers who become drained, overwhelmed, or sick from their work. Guardians definitely need to maintain courage, strength, and endurance. I wholeheartedly believe that being energetically sensitive is a gift to the world. We can thrive and engage in a healthy way with the world around us, even in our current political climate.

There are two essential components to incorporate into our daily living if we are to maintain balance. First, we must build a connection to the land that we live on. The Earth is our foundation, our safety, and our support. Secondly, we must embrace our darkness. We cannot achieve balance without understanding our own darkness and the darkness of the world around us. My primary focus will be to share resources for connecting to the Earth for support and guidance to help you understand your own darkness.

As a member of the Patreon community, you will have access to a range of rewards: patron-only guided meditations, monthly practice with the boundary magic of Cu Chulainn, the Embracing Darkness Podcast, and discounts for online classes.

A little bit about me. I am an Energetic Safety and Trauma Specialist. I am also Certified Medical Reiki Master and Soul Guide (a fancy new word for Psychopomp). As a healer, I work in the darkest of places, specializing in healing soul wounds caused by trauma, PTSD, and addiction. I frequently work with clients who have autoimmune disorders, adrenal fatigue, and other stress-related health issues. Using Reiki and soul healing techniques I work to create a safe space for others so that they can begin to engage in the deeper work of healing past wounds.
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Reaching this goal will replace the income of part-time work so that I can shift more of my focus to growing my business. It will free up time to create new content and help to cover the efforts of creating more online resources and classes.
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