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Hello everyone my name is Jack Alford and I'm a YouTuber that makes videos for either letting people what's going on in the world and what i think about it or for people's enjoyment but there is a reason why i'm on Patreon and that's because i'm to do bigger things than what i usually do and i'm talking large scale projects but I can't do that without your help.

As a thank you will given a JACK ALFORD PULSE subscription which can be accessed through the patreon feed and you get to see videos before they release on YouTube you will also get the benefits that are included in the plans depending in the amount of money you pay.

There are now also discord rewards where you will be entered into a Pulse member role and more benefits will be available soon (you will get future benefits as soon as they become available).

Also you will be mentioned in my videos like any other patron and also in a section on my twitch info panel.

Here is video of some intro's I have worked on in the meantime.
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this goal is to go towards a RED Raven camera so i can shoot better quality video
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