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You're officially a patron and for that I am most grateful.
You can call me Aslan if you wish.
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You're officially a patron and for that I am most grateful.
You can call me Thor if you desire.
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You're officially a patron and for that I am most grateful.
You can call me Jesus if you want :P




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Hey there people, thank you so much for visiting my patreon page. This is completely new to me and I'm asking you to join me on an adventure into the unknown :)

I am asking for your help. 

I am only asking people who enjoy my music or believe in me somehow to contribute.  I would like to use this page as a way for people to give back to me so I can continue to be a creator of music and music events.  If you don't want to/can't contribute financially I would still love you to enjoy my music for free and I believe that my music should be accessible to anyone with no financial restrictions. 
So, I intend to create and post music on this page regularly.  I am supposed to create different rewards depending on how much you feel is appropriate to give to me for my work.
I don't like this.  So the way I am going to run the page for now at least is to give everything for free with no restrictions.  You will be able to give me a donation every month to help me continue to create and post music here.  It will be a pay as you feel basis and everyone will receive the same content regardless of whether you give me nothing or $100 a month.  I think this is the fairest way for now.  I'm completely open to suggestion if you disagree. 

I'm living in my van and have been pretty much homeless for a year and a half.  This is completely by choice as I am searching for new adventures.  However, I have struggled at times and there is no doubt that a monthly income from patreons such as yourself could vastly improve my life and make me a more effective creator. 

My dream is to live my life doing what I love.  In order to do this I currently need to earn money from what I love to.  I currently do this by playing in venues, pubs and bars across Cumbria.  It's worked fairly well over the last ten years but I am trying to embark on some new adventures and patreon could be a way for me to have some support while I do this.  If you choose to support me and my dreams I will be eternally grateful now matter if you donate hundreds of dollars or just share a few videos you like.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I really hope you enjoy and can take something of value from my music.

Many thanks and much Love,

$10.17 of $100 per month
If I reach this amount coming in every month from patreons I will be first of all surprised as I'm not even sure what value my music has for people but best of all that would allow me to start accepting more charity gigs. 
I have been very charitable over the years with my time and music but recently I have had to stop accepting unpaid work as it is in direct conflict with my paid work and I'm only human and need to eat and pay bills like everyone else.
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