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About Jack Alberson

Creation, in the right conditions, can be incredibly simple. Said conditions, in today's world, often require capital in order to be sustained.

I am a creator of music and the trappings associated with presenting this music, but in addition I spread my love of fellow unsigned and independent artists via Be Here Tinnitus - which started out as a podcast and now is a streaming radio station and will be featured as part of Ghost Wave Radio's programming.

Your contributions help in two ways:
1. You contribute to the continued progression of my own musical work, by funding releases and improvements to the studio in which I work, and
2. You help me to put money back in the hands of other music makers, by funding purchases for the radio station.

Obviously, a Patreon account should provide incentives and I am interested in providing this. You will see some basic perks to your right.
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$60.00/month will cover:
- replacement of cables and incidentals as needed
- paid promotions in an effort to spread awareness of my works
- purchase of music to independent artists (using Bandcamp) so that I am supporting them financially as well as through radio play 
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