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About Jack Lawlor

I am primarily a musician who loves shredding lead guitar as fast and as crazy as possible! I have spent the last 14 years focusing on that type of playing. It is all improvisation even the recording, which I have done a ton of. I do these recordings on an iPad, these rough cuts are good but I need funding for the local recording studio. If just 1 per 100 people subs at $4 I'm in business! Will you be that 1 person?

My goal is guitar mastery and I want you along for the ride. My intro video is my current playing ability but really this will increase, to the point where all the parts of the 14 minute solos work as well as the best bits. Both guitar parts were done in one take and are all made up right there and then!

All tiers include access to my private discord server for patrons, which will be live for years to come and even my radio station, The Wonderful World Of Jack, featuring my music and very outlandish experiences. Also tier 2 will give you my improvisation masterclass course free as well as special privileges in my discord server in the form of access to how I make my music.
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