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About jack of the suburbs

Hello there,

Thanks very much for stopping by. I'm Gary-Martin, a digital artist and educator based in South Wales. I collect and create sounds, devise and deliver creative workshops, design installations and digital experiences. I have been a freelance artist-educator for the past 6 years, working in schools and cultural institutions delivering creative engagement projects to young people.

My current research and practice explores the interplay between internet platforms and social interactions. Digital technologies have changed the way we consume information and communicate with one another. And since the advent of the smartphone, social networking, and streaming services, consumption of content has become more convenient, instant, and individualised.

Over the next 18 months I will be exploring how our accelerated digital experiences have impacted our mental health, our social relationships, and our perceptions of time. As a digital artisit and advocate of digital platforms, I will attempt to identify and address potential issues with their use.

I will be using contributions to fund the creation of sonic artworks that explore these themes, and workshops with young people to take these ideas into the public, with all ongoing activity published on my blog and eventually consolidated and published publicly. 

Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in my page,

jack of the suburbs.
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