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About Jackson Bird

What I Do

I'm a video creator, podcaster, writer, activist, and professional waffler. My main work revolves around demystifying the transgender experience, which I do through my YouTube videos as well as my podcast, Transmission. I also produce a comedy webseries called Will It Waffle?, in which I put random foods on a waffle iron to see what happens.

Recently, I've been refocusing on my writing – including pitching articles, op-ed's, and a young adult novel about a transgender high schooler.

I also speak and run workshops on LGBTQ+ issues, online video, social media, activism, and digital storytelling at events large and small. If you're interested in booking me for your next event, you can get in touch here.

In addition to all of the above I'm a freelance video editor and social media consultant. I also work as a Geeks Who Drink pub quiz host two nights a week, run a VHS digitization business, sell merch and zines, and deliver for Postmates when money gets tight. 

Where I'm Going 

My goal is to bring in enough income from my videos, podcast, speaking, merch, and writing to be able to cut some of my other jobs from my schedule. It's a bit of a self-defeating cycle because those projects don't produce substantial income unless I'm able to devote substantial time to them to make them consistent, high-quality, and well-promoted. 

That's where you come in! With the support from my Patrons, I've been able to cut back on work for clients to focus more on doing what I love – creating cool, meaningful work that educates and entertains.  

Your monthly pledges enable me to spend more time making my content better and more frequent. 

They also go towards concrete items like supplies for each episode of Will It Waffle?, web and file hosting for Transmission, third-party video captioning, the occasional new waffle iron, and film and audio equipment when needed. 

How You Can Help

Become my patronus! In Harry Potter, patronuses are bright, silvery apparitions that are summoned by a magical person in order to protect them against the soul-sucking dementors. When you pledge to support my work, you become my patronus, providing me with goodwill and helping me continue fighting the dark forces of transphobia, misogyny, and more in our world.

I have lots of different levels at which you can support me, each with their own unique rewards. If none of them strike your fancy, you can consider purchasing some of my merch

And, if you're unable to show your support financially, you can always help out by sharing my work. It makes a big difference when my videos and podcast get shared with new people. 

However you choose to help, thank you for your support and your belief in me. 

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Three hundred dollars a month will put me closer to the amount I received before switching to a "per month" payment schedule. 

When we hit this, I'll throw a big, festive livestream party for all you Patrons and post a blooper reel from recent videos – for Patrons' eyes only!
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