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If you would like to support me and get access to my Patron-only community here, it would help me to do all kinds of things, including but not limited to

-Making more music and releasing it for all of you! Help to pay for things like digital and maybe even physical distribution, microphones, sound proofing/treatment etc....I do all this myself. Write the songs, lyrics, arrange, perform, produce, mix, master, make the cover art, release the track, it's all me (so far). Maybe at some point, with your help, I'll be lucky enough to be able to pay people to help me with music videos!

-Dedicating more time to my original music and YouTube

-Improving the quality of my videos by investing in better gear, software, LUTS, and other things

-Funding towards music videos!

-Saving up for a bigger tougher computer that can handle the full extent of my ideas! (I keep surpassing the limits on my MacBook Pro I'm finding)

-Fancy, magical, espresso-based wonders, Yerba Mate, green tea, or quality coffee beans to fuel me through extensive songwriting/music production/video filming/editing/production sessions
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I'm Jackson and I produce songs and videos. I am a singer, bass player, guitarist, artist, songwriter, music producer, music teacher of various instruments, and video creator. I've always dreamed of being a full time musical artist, and I would love to have your support in achieving that dream. Right now I make many different videos, including music videos, my live performances, videos explaining various musical concepts in detail with examples, making beats/songs (sometimes utilizing random non-musical objects), videos of transcriptions, song walkthroughs, song covers, and more. 

By pledging $5 per month you'll help me keep creating new and better videos and improving the quality of those videos. All for you to enjoy, plus access to my exclusive Patron-only community here! I will totally think you're cool five-ever. $12 per month gets your name listed as a Patron on every video I release, and of course, reward tiers are cumulative so you get access to the Patron-only community too! 
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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