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About Jackson Thatcher

I'm writing chord melodies to classic and pop songs, plus original music. With your support, I'll be able to provide new music consistently. I'll also be able to improve the quality over time. If you are a guitar player, I want to start writing out tabs and do short instruction videos. As I write with other artists, I'll invite them on my channel to show you our work.

Most of the videos will be one-take videos of songs (which requires writing the arrangements and a lot of practice), but there will be produced concept music videos also. I want this to be a journey we take together. Please join me.
$9 of $150 per video
When I reach this goal, I'm going to buy a GoPro video camera. This will let me connect an SM57 mic or my K&K directly to the camera. I'm hoping that helps improve the audio quality and video options.
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