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About Jacob Golden

Hello and welcome to my Patreon/Fan Club page! This is where I share my new songs as I write and record them. I used to toil away for years at a time without sharing my music making journey. Patreon has allowed me a platform to share my work- as I make it, and to help build a sustainable income for my music, which really helps!

How it works: I share on average 3-4 songs a month and write a little bit about each song. Whenever I post a new song you get an email from me letting you know. Then you can listen and download the song if you like, you can also tell me what you think, in that way you are helping to shape my new records. I love this idea, It gives me a way to share something unique with just my fans.

By pledging a few dollars per song (whatever you can afford). You get to share in an intimate part of my writing process as well as to know you are enabling me to spend more time working on my music. Thanks very much for believing in my dream. Onward and upward, Jacob

To Become a Patron:
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  1. Click the big button that says Become a Patron. 
  2. Choose your pledge amount for each song I share.
  3. Done! Now each time I share a new song on Patreon you will get a message, you can then download the song, leave comments on the post and share in this community. 
  4. Thank you for your support. Know that your pledge really helps me to make a living as a musician!
As a patron of mine, you are welcome (and encouraged) to comment on my posts. I read every comment and try to respond to each so we can share a genuine dialog about the music. 

So this is a recurring thing?
Yes, You are pledging for each song I share, usually three to four times a month. You can cap your total amount per month to whatever you want so you don't have to worry about going over your budget.

I'm in the UK can I still be a part of this?
Patreon is an international. You can pledge with your native currency Euros,Pounds etc...and Patreon will translate it to US dollars. It's like any recurring subscription payment on your card.

Can I change my pledge amount or cancel if I need to?
Yes, absolutely. you can change your pledge amount or cancel at any time. No hard feelings!

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