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Monthly Half Hour Distance Healing
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This tier allows you to include your name and special personal intention on my monthly distance group healing session. You can either keep your healing intention private or you can share it with me. All healing intentions I receive will be kept confidential. The choice is yours however energy follows intention so it's important to be clear about what you want to heal and/or manifest in your life. I will primarily be using distance Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy® however I may utilize other techniques as I feel inspired. I will be sending the distance healing out sometime during the first week of each month so be sure to set your intention by the end of the previous month. You can choose to receive this distance healing at a time that makes the most sense for your schedule. For instance, you might want to intend to receive it during a regular meditation or perhaps while you are practicing yoga with me! It's up to you. The energy will be there ready to go on your command.

Monthly Half Hour Yoga Class
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This tier gives you access to half hour yoga videos guided by Sean Jacobs and released once monthly. Set in tranquil locations and narrated with Sean's calming voice, this video will include a focused study and deeper exploration of a series of yoga poses. Styles will range from vigorous to passive.  Build strength and flexibility, release stress and expand your lung capacity in a short, condensed yoga practice. Take the class on your schedule as many times as you like in the location of your choice. A new video is released every month.

Combo Yoga & Distance Healing
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Enjoy the benefits of both the monthly half hour yoga video and the distance healing for a discounted rate.




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About Jacobs Healing

I am a yoga teacher, reiki master and IET® master instructor from the United States currently living in Grenada in the Caribbean. My goal is to build community with healing arts services and support and connect with my students around the world. I've found so much inspiration practicing and teaching yoga, reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy® over the years. However as I've grown with these powerful practices I've also moved around quite a bit. I've gone from directing my own studio in Philadelphia to hosting classes and workshops at various locations in the US and abroad. Today I'm staying connected more regularly with my new and returning students through the internet. On my page you'll enjoy yoga in tranquil settings around the island and distance healing sessions. Take a moment and join me for a yoga class or sit back and relax and let me support whatever you're working on healing or manifesting right now.

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