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I'm Jacques, and I am a 21-year-old Blender developer. My greatest achievement so far is the development of the Animation Nodes (AN) addon which implements a new animation system into Blender that is flexible enough to be used for many other things as well.

Over the course of the last few years Animation Nodes got more and more attention from the international Blender community. Seeing all the cool animations people upload really motivate me to continue to work on systems like it in the future.

For the first few years I developed AN completely for free. Then, as I got older, I needed a somewhat constant income. Patreon gave me exactly that.

Now I'm slowly finishing my studies and start to work full time at the Blender Institute in Amsterdam. There I'll work on Blender directly and not only on addons. 

This means that I'll have a monthly income and this Patreon page is not strictly needed. However, I'll keep it alive so that you can still support me directly if you want to. If you want to support Blender development in general, please consider to join the Blender development fund.

I'm not quite sure what rewards to offer here on Patreon that are actually useful to people. I have been doing most things for free anyway, like sharing things that are still work in progress or helping people with Blender, AN and Python. Giving these things exclusively to the ones who have the money to support me will only make things worse in my opinion. Let me know if you have any other ideas!

The cover image is made by Robert Schütze with Animation Nodes.

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