is creating funny and useful videos about life in Japan.
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About JaDan

Konnichiwa Everyone!
My name is Dan and I make Youtube videos about living in Japan. I've lived here since 2016 and I have made loads of funny, interesting and useful videos about Japan in that time. 

I appreciate you taking the time to find my patreon page. If you have come this far, maybe you are considering joining the #JaDanFam and becoming even more awesome than you already are.

What's in it for you?
By joining us, not only will you be supporting me and what I do, therefor earning my everlasting love and admiration, but you will get access to some cool stuff like:

Articles: Sometimes I like to talk about stuff that doesn't really belong on the Youtube channel or stuff that is a bit too personal for me to broadcast to the world.

Exclusive videos: Each month I try to make an informal video exclusively for you guys. There is usually no topic as such and I just let the camera roll and see what happens. 

The story behind the videos: Sometimes the videos don't tell the whole story and I can give you the real scoop that you don't get on Youtube. 

Picture of the day: I like to share pictures I take of life here in Japan. Often they are just something interesting I have seen that day, but it should offer some insight into daily Japanese life. 

Polls: You get a say in what content is being produced on the channel. Each month there will be a poll to decide what video will be made in the following month. You will also get a say in other decision such as merch and designs. 

What's in it for me?
I love making Youtube videos and content in general but it is hard to do and fund all this on your own. With your help I want to improve my content and make things better all around. This will include getting input on the creative process, support for funding things like new equipment as well as giving my the chance to get more people involved. 

Once again, thanks for coming this far and I hope you decide to join us!
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Bring Back JaScran!

When we get to 25 members, I will bring back the JaScran Tier and you can start getting Japanese candies delivered directly to your door.
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