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Aloha friends, and welcome to the abundant lands of my "This Is Not Your Average Salad" & "This Isn't English, But I Understand" creations!! 

If you're here for the food...
So am I! :D That's why I'm on Patreon- because I want to share it with you. 
In 2012, I began my journey as a vegetarian. Fast forward a year and a half (and a lengthy list of documentaries and articles later), I shifted to veganism. In 2017, I was introduced to the idea of a raw foods diet. With all of the experience and knowledge I've gathered I have formed an ideal diet for myself: Mostly raw, high fruit, & low fat.  
So, this is my ongoing collection of fantastically delicious culinary combinations! 

If you're here for the poetry...
Thank You for hearing me! I LOVE to channel words, narrations, and gibber gabber to be shared! Reading and writing my composed heArtwork brings me an immense amount of both joy and honor as I am blessed to hold this gift. The poetry I write is about everything from a rainy day to a complex compilation of thoughts and emotions on ego.
I am so thankful to have opportunity to put my work on this platform to be heard. 

Why do I need money?
Who doesn't? Here is a short list of some things your subscription to awesomeness supports and contributes to: rent, my phone bill, groceries, a savings account, travel plans, braces, visiting family & friends, and musical events. 

Patreon is absolutely epic way for YOU to help fuel my dreams, goals, ambitions and projects. So what are you waiting for?! Feed your body! Feed your soul! Try something new! The best thing ever is waiting for you!
Namastè my fellow creators. See you there! 
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I will send each of you lovelies a vegan chocolate! Yes, its true! 
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