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Hello everyone! I go by JAE REN and I am a singer/songwriter from Phoenix, AZ. Right now I am a full time gigging musician and my goal is to record and release my entire catalog of music including around 80 covers and 30 originals over the next few years. To do this I am going to need your help! Even in the age of home studios and online distribution this project is going to be quite expensive. With your support I will release several recordings and or videos every month. Thank you for being part of my story, I can't express enough how much your contribution helps and I'm very excited to share what I've been working on with all of you!

If you have any questions feel free to ask but check here first to see if I've answered any for you.

How much should I pledge?
However much you want! Be aware that this is a monthly commitment that is automatically deducted so please make sure you are not pledging more than you can afford and don't feel obligated to pledge a large amount! Even a few dollars a month makes a difference to me.
What will you use my money for?
Right now it will go to all my production costs including studio time, hiring video production professionals, and all the miscellaneous expenses like travel and location costs. As my budget increases I will use the additional funds to increase my production value and get the best videos and songs out for you that I can!
How often will you upload?
Once I hit the $1,500 dollar mark I will be uploading at least one song or video a week!
How long am I pledging for?
You can cancel your commitment at any time!

$0 of $350 per month
This will cover around 30 hours of studio time a month and help me get into a consistent recording schedule.
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