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Welcome to my humble home!... Gaaya-ki-Ang (Or simply Gayaki Ang, pronounced --- "Gaa-Ya-Kee" ang or ung.) is a very special genre of Indian classical fiddle / violin playing that tries to emulate the human voice in its nearest possible ways and explores almost all intricacies and subtleties of the vocal cords that help one "sing". A handful of violinists, cellists, violists and other stringed / bowed instrumentalists play / indulge in this special genre, Gaa-Yaki-Ang. This specialty musical lineage has been a pioneering effort of ace virtuoso violinist / guru / mentor, Dr. N. Rajam (Mumbai, India). I have been her senior disciple / student, pursuing this genre on the violin since early eighties and I reside in Los Angeles, CA. (2002 to present...)
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