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As as profesional musician I also dedicate my life into music education, for those who support me into my trip around the world while doing videos I can offer you all my knowledge as musician teaching instrument such as guitar (jazz, latin, pop rock and so on) electric bass, contrabass and latin percussion.




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About Jairo Enrique Benitez Habib

Hello everybody my name is Jairo and I am musician, music producer and video creator full of creativity with a lot of interesting and original ideas, always into that creative process that put me into the path of finding a new way of expressing my music with a particular simbology that you can see on those videos I am posting from time to time.

I love traveling and always find that artistic energy that goes free on the air and inspire me for doing my music and videos that express that conexion that images and music has.

England, Spain, France, Poland, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Iceland were the countries that inspired me for doing the last musical videos. 

As an artist my goal is keeping on the production of new videos while traveling around the world.

Support me on that creative process! bringing back to this reality another kind of art, expressing music while traveling, showing the best of everywhere I go to all those who has access to my material.

Inspire to other to believe in a better world.

if you wanna have more info about me please go to my web site:


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When I will reach 20 patrons, all those who support me will have personal contact with me so I will offer myself as a music teacher offering 1 hour of music class (theory and instrument) per week as a reward for supporting me.

If you are not musician or not having any particular interest in learning how to play an instrument, you can redirect me to someone close to you that will be interested in learning how to get into the musical world.

That one who feels interest in music will apreciate it a lot, I can offer my classes in english and spanish language.
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