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About Jake Alley

Every week I used to write a stream of consciousness real-time summation about the weirdest movie I could find. Every month I used to write a big positive review of some game nobody seems to like. Every 3 months or so I used to write a bunch of super nerdy articles about other games.

I'd like to get back into doing things like this, but I'd also like to eat, and have electricity, and a place to live. Writing all this stuff takes a fair amount of time, and frankly I'm not sure how well word got out that I have a new website. So if you actually like the things I write, and you'd like to see me do that some more, you could maybe throw a dollar at me now and then. That way I'll have some indication that I'm not wasting all this time throwing up articles nobody is reading, and also I will have that dollar now and then. Those are kind of handy to have for tracking down new obscurities to talk about. Also, again, with the food and the power and such.

And because this is all through Patreon, it's more hip and trendy than if I were just panhandling on a streetcorner with a "Will Write For Food" sign!
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