James A Katsanos

is creating JAK's Collectibles LLC
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Super Saiyan
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Super Saiyan's are a top tier but there's room to go further.
Super Saiyan 2
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Super Saiyan 2's are a step closer to realizing their true potential.
Super Saiyan 3
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Super Saiyan 3's are quite the Patreon's wielding true power but can still get even stronger.
Super Saiyan God
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Super Saiyan Gods are very powerful and few can match this level of strength.
Super Saiyan Blue
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Super Saiyan Blue's can keep up with the Gods but are over all more powerful. Only a few can reach this stage.
Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct
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The Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct is the Ultimate Tier. There is no one more powerful. 




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About James A Katsanos

I founded JAK's Collectibles back in 2015 and started investing in products to sell. I am a big supporter in the Magic the Gathering community and continue to play in local tournaments and casual play. I started Magic the Gathering in 2011 and from there I found that the hobbies and collecting community was one that I wanted to be a part of for life. So much so, that I applied for my business Tax ID. Once I received it, I started planning. I have invested in at least enough product to get me started but I will definitely need help so I can hire employees to help with website building, continued product research and development, operations, marketing and analysis, and other vital functions to the business. 

I am in this business so that I can build the life I want for my family and I, most of all to share with the collecting community the love and passion I have for it as well. With your help I can realize this dream sooner. I will continue to self invest as I work full time as does my wife of 7 years, Nicole Katsanos, and as we continue to support one another and our 2 year old son Michael Katsanos.

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