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You know what they say "do whatever your passion is, it will pay off eventually...". I didn't believe that until I found mine last year. My life has changed quite a lot since then, in a wonderful way that I would have never imagined.

As a kid, my goal was to live in Africa and write books about the wild animals but I grew up and my dreams were shattered by the life and I ended up on a completely different path in an utterly different place. Just over a year ago, I was introduced to single-celled microorganisms by a laboratory course and right at that moment, when I took the first glance through the microscope, I was completely amazed by the diversity of the life that exists in a single drop of water. It was like going on a safari in African savannas. I finally knew in my 27 years of life what I want to pursue... I purchased a microscope just two weeks after this moment so I wouldn't need to be in the lab to explore the micro-world and that changed my life forever. I decided to continue my academic career in the field of single-celled eukaryotes. My enthusiasm and eagerness to learn in this field have opened up many new possibilities for me. I was accepted into a laboratory which is specialized on euglenoids and I am included in some related researches as well, from sample collection to genomic analysis. I am working on my documentary project to introduce non-scientific communities to the wonders of the microcosmos and also, soon, will start writing an illustrated book with an amazing artist, Katelyn Solbakk, on the same topic with the same purpose.

However, I have a full time job as a linguistic quality assurance game/software tester in a company, with every support I receive here I will reduce my work hours in the office so I can spend more time doing my research and focusing on my projects. Thank you so much for your appreciation and support.

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