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Key of Poetry
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I give to you, The Key of Poetry~

Each Month, You will receive, 

  • 1 poem from my new poetry book
  • 1 spontaneous poem fresh for the month
  • Occasional doodles from James Bird's World
  • bi-weekly philosophical contemplation's/writing prompts
Key of Music
per month

I give to you, The Key Of Music ~

Each month you will receive, 

  • 1 unreleased full demo 
  • 1 raw voice memo of a released or unreleased song
  • 1 Monthly Patreon only live
  • 1 work in progress new song video
  • Plus the Key of Poetry
Key Of Meditation
per month

I give to you, The Key of Meditation~

Each month you will receive...

  • 1 recorded full production guided meditation mp3 
  • 1 Live Meditation with the whole community
  • Tips and tools post to further your own practice
  • Plus the Keys of Poetry & Music!



About James Bird Portal

Hello Dear Friend,

~ Welcome to the inner realm of the James Bird Portal~

I wish to weave a world for you,
filled with music, meditation and poetry
while fostering creative community.

I have so much to share with you,
first and foremost,
my vulnerability.

This isn't the realm of polished work,
this is the place in the mind where it is dreamed up,
 sang roughly upon awakening.
from improvisational voice memos of original music,
to old versions of my released music,
to spontaneous poetry,
and drawings from the original world of James Bird,
(that I do not share publicly.)

There will be thought-provoking contemplation's,
recorded Guided Meditations (that you can keep)
and one live meditation session every month,
a Patreon only Live concert each month...
You'll also be getting new music, early!
All releases will be sent to you a week before they come out!
(I trust you won't leak them ;) )

While I will be sharing my inner realm,
I also wish to foster creative community with you all.
We will be sharing time together once a month,
in a live online community gathering,
where we will gather and meditate together,
then we can chat about our new creations, what's real for us,
and how we are flowing through life.

I am so grateful for your generosity,
for I have many projects to embark on that are quite costly,
from studio visits,
to book editors,
to self-publishing...

So YOU, are helping me weave this realm,
and thread it's reality into the physical world
and for that I am infinitely grateful.

In Gratitude,
Nick Tornatore & James Bird



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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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