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Congrats! You're a healer, the good ole support class! You're part of the JamesBl0nde team! You contributed more than you think,  infact Healers have the power of Adbl0ck abs0luti0n! With Adbl0ck abs0luti0n you are immune to guilt when casting Adbl0ck on YouTube!  

You would have to watch a thousand or more videos per month to earn the equivalent amount in ad revenue as this level of Patreon Support.  So please do, support the channel and turn off the ads if you would like!

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You are a Tank! Survival is (at minimum) a two-person job, and both the tank and the healer are responsible for this. For the tank, survival comes either by avoiding hits, reducing the severity of incoming damage... So as a Tank you are keeping this group alive! (More to come in rewards)
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Masters of the arcane, Mages can use their mental powers to alter the very fabric of reality, ... And just plain be that much more awesome-er for donating! (More to come on rewards)




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About JamesBl0nde

Hey gamers!

For the longest time I’ve been creating gaming news videos and other content for MMOHuts.com, but as you know, due to unfortunate, out-of-my-control circumstances I can no longer work for MMOHuts, only along side them with no monetary exchange. I still want to create great content for you guys. However it does mean I’ve had to find new financial stability in the form of a new full time job to support my family, especially since, in a few weeks, I’ll become a new father.

The new full time job is getting me by, but with my wife unable to work I have to work long hours just to stay afloat, leaving less time for content creation. I plan on working even longer hours creating weekly news videos for you guys that you know and love, and slowly add in more content, but I need all the support I can get. YouTube isn’t as lucrative as it once was and this is a fresh start on a new channel so it will take time to grow large enough to generate even supplementary income, which is my goal… cause feeding ones family is good!

The more support I can get the more time I can put into creating content. That being said I’d like to give those who support me a chance to be more involved in what I’m creating. If things go well here I plan to create rewards for contributors along with new styles of content. I don't expect or assume anyone will contribute any more to my content than simply watching my videos. I definitely appreciate that by itself. But if you feel like contributing more, it'll all go back into creating more stuff… Your support would mean everything to me and my new family!

$4 of $500 per month
As the first goal this will allow me to dedicate more time to video creation, new ideas going forward, and adding team members to help create content. 
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