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About James Hsu

Hi! My name is James Hsu, and I have been playing and enjoying Magic: The Gathering for over two decades.

I have a few things going on:

--- 1. The Humans of Magic podcast ---

"Humans of Magic" is a podcast project that goes beyond Magic strategy and squarely into the personal stories, backgrounds, and mindsets of the people that play the game. I am passionate about highlighting people in the Magic community in a way that goes beyond their in-game achievements. I believe that every single person has a unique story to share, and that we can all learn great things from each other.

These interviews are super personal and no-holds barred. I have interviewed players about a range of topics including relationships, traveling the world, the highest highs, the lowest lows, and doing fun things outside of playing the Greatest Game Ever Made.

"Humans" is a labor of love for me. I have podcasted for over two years without running any ads or sponsorships. I do believe, however, that Patreon is a fantastic way to build up a hardcore fan base. I would love to use this platform to offer additional value for fans of the show.

--- 2. The Humans of Magic book ---

I am in the process of converting my podcast into a book of interviews! If you're a listener that also enjoys reading and absorbing things in the written word, then this is a perfect situation for you. The book builds upon the interviews as I will edit content for clarity and readability. I will also have the opportunity to create a narrative with common themes, including generalizable lessons I have learned from talking to so many amazing Magic players.

There will also be bonus content including how I reached out to the players and other fun background information. In some cases, I will even include retrospectives from the players themselves!

I have started working on this project with a talented editor who also loves Magic. I am looking to release the book in October of 2019.

Thanks for reading -- and listening!

James Hsu
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Thank you for being a patron! You have my eternal gratitude, and I will also be sure to throw a little good karma your way.
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Now things get interesting. I will involve you in surveys about the podcast.

Each survey contains targeted questions on ways to improve the show, and even content suggestions -- e.g. "who should I interview for the next episode?", "which of these tracks makes for the best intro music?", and so forth.

You will have a direct say in how I plan and execute future episodes!

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Movin' on up! In addition to survey participation rights, you will receive:

- Exclusive interview transcripts with "Humans of Magic" guests. Read the transcripts in text format instead of listening to them. The transcripts are edited for clarity so that you will get the best representation of the conversation!

- An electronic copy of my gaming memoir "Magic: The Addiction" AND bonus content that you cannot find anywhere else! Luis Scott-Vargas called the book "a tale of just how fully this game can grab you, and what that can lead to – from the positives of building relationships and finding a challenging mental pursuit to the dark side of obsession." And it's rated 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon.com!

(Note: in order to receive the "Magic: The Addiction" book, you must be a member of good standing in this tier for at least 3 months.)

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This is some real dedication right here. You will receive all the benefits from previous tiers, plus:

- Special advance preview drafts of select chapters from the "Humans of Magic" book. I will collect the best interviews from the podcast and release them in TEXT FORMAT, along with NEW commentary and retrospectives from select guests. Be one of the first readers! You will have access to this content from the first day you sign on as a SUPERSTAR member.

- An electronic copy of the upcoming "Humans of Magic" book. The book is scheduled for release in October 2019. You will receive the special edition, which means that I am including BONUS CONTENT that will not be in the Amazon version of the book!

- I will host a regular "Ask Me Anything" over Skype, exclusively for members of this tier. This is a Skype Q&A session conducted with all SUPERSTAR members. You can ask me anything, whether it is about running a podcast, how I prepare for interviews, or my favorite Magic card. Anything goes!

(Note: in order to receive the final book and participation rights to the Skype AMA, you must be a member of good standing in this tier for at least 3 months.)

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This is the penultimate tier for the most hardcore of fans. Welcome to Valhalla...I hope you enjoy your stay.

You will receive all the benefits from previous tiers, plus:

- I will interview YOU or a FRIEND OF YOUR CHOICE for an upcoming "Humans of Magic" episode. Be the focal point of the show! We can make this episode public (as part of a regular release) or private (share it with your closest family and friends). This is a one-time offer, and we will do the necessary preparation together to make the interview as awesome as possible.

- I will conduct a private Skype "Ask Me Anything" with you. A 30-minute 1:1 conference call in which you can ask me anything about creating the podcast, learnings, and whatever else strikes your fancy. Unlike the SUPERSTAR benefit, this is a private call and you will have more time to ask questions. We can repeat this process every 6 months, if you would like.

- I will deliver to you signed paperback editions of "Magic: The Addiction" and "Humans of Magic" (when released in 2019), complete with any custom message you want. Due to logistics, this benefit is only available to residents of the United States.

(Note: in order to receive the benefits above, you must be a member of good standing in this tier for at least 3 months.)

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Those of you who listen to the show know that I LOVE the Legacy format. It influences the guests I select and the questions I ask.

When I reach $170/month, I will be able to create a series of episodes called "The Oral History of 1.5 and Legacy." What does this mean?

- I will travel around the United States and interview the most notable Legacy players from past and present, and splice the interviews together into a compelling narrative.

- Unlike previous attempts to document Legacy's history, this will be in AUDIO PODCAST format and you will hear some very interesting behind-the-scenes stories, in true "Humans of Magic" fashion!

- The cost here reflects travel, editing, and logistical costs.
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