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Hey budding chefs! 
My name is James, and I am in the kitchen. I am often in the garden, sourcing home grown fruit and veggies for awesome meals that you can cook at home. I am a full time working husband, father and chef, and I'm hoping to share quick, affordable and healthy meals through my patreon page. We all live a hectic lifestyle, but we should all eat good food. And I'm here to help. Would you like to join me on my epic journey to create tasty awesomeness for you? With your help and funding, my recipe database can grow, my kitchen garden can grow, my cooking videos will put the cooking channel to shame! And with my knowledge and your love of cooking, our bellies will be full of wondrous home made food. Sounds good? Then let's eat! 

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Well...$100 would be an awesome achievement for me, I would buy new knives and one of those beard thingies chefs wear in Indian restaurants. 
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