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You maybe can't afford much from where you are, but you probably have a $1 worth of change in your car every month! And even $1 could buy me a meal here in Albania!

("Një" = "one" in Shqip - the Albanian language)

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Maybe $1 seems nice, but you can afford slightly more than that... Probably because your car can hold more spare change than the average. 

("Pesë" = "five" in Shqip - the Albanian language)

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Anyone giving this amount has my utmost thanks and respect. If you support me at this level, you've entitled to a free hug when I see you.

Each month, for the supporters at this level, I will send a high resolution photo from somewhere in Albania that can be used as a desktop background. I will also include some interesting information about the photo (e.g. a story behind the photo, the history of the location, etc.).

("Dhjetë" = "ten" in Shqip - the Albanian language)



About James Leithart

Do you know anything about Albania?

Chances are, unless you're Albanian yourself, that you answered no.

Well, you're in luck! Because I create videos showing the cultures, traditions, and history of the Albanian people and country. Oftentimes in partnership with locals, I delve into different aspects of the Albanian life and explore what it is actually like living in this relatively unknown country.

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