is creating A game called "Martian Worlds"
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You have a desire to help, and wish you could do more, but I see your kindness nonetheless! :)
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You wish to help me with an amount around the price of a latte per month.  I'm very grateful!
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You are starting to see my vision and want to stay tuned, awesome! I always take developmental decisions more seriously when someone is putting money where their mouth is! You now have "voting" rights. Your voice will be given more weight when you make requests, or faster response when you ask for help.




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About James

I'm a developer that is getting back into game development. Please read about my history at MartianWorlds.com. There is also a demo download of my starting progress you can play there. I hope those who would love to see such a game come to reality would take a step to support me and help with the progress.
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Get professional help.  No, not for my head! lol, I mean for artwork, models, etc. ;)
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