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is creating Discord Bots
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You get to be in the -credits command of apple bot (Either your discord or a link to whatever you want)

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I will add you on discord and I will also add you to a special role which can talk to me and ask questions in VC

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I will teach you how to make a decent bot with up to 5 intermediate commands of your choice. Same as previous teirs




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About James Wallace

I am making discord bots for discord.gg
The current bot I am working on is apple bot which will be a multi-purpose bot.
After I complete apple bot I may make it open sourced
If I get enough patreons I will start doing youtube tutorials on python, specifically bot making.
$0 of $20 per month
I can make better bots, have more time and also start doing youtube tutorials (I need a new headset to do so)
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