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All in all, you will receive specialist knowledge on how to play Jazz guitar in DADGAD guitar tuning.

I don't have as much time as I'd like to dedicate to making regular and specific content for you all.  I feel this would work for everyone more if I could create my content as often as I'd like/can manage, to give maximum quality to the posted content.  As a result, all that I ask is for you to contribute what you can afford.

Here's some ideas I have for content, but like I said before, I'd like these ideas to be driven by Patrons too:

  • Exclusive access to my DADGAD Jazz Guitar performance videos in full 1080 HD and continuing access to further videos.
  • Feel free to come here even if you play standard tuning and have questions/topics for discussion around creating/arranging music on the guitar
  • DADGAD Jazz guitar lines videos (single note lines examples)
  • Guitar playing questions answered.

Maybe you have specific questions around arranging Jazz music on the guitar in general, songs you would like to hear played or questions more specifically based around DADGAD tuning?

Be excellent to each other, Guitar-Mates.

  • Thank you DADGAD Guitar warrior!




I am a Jazz guitar player and artist.  I play DADGAD guitar in a novel way from how it has traditionally been played.  I play solo guitar carrying on a tradition in the vain of Martin Taylor, George Van Eps, Joe Pass and many others.

If you like what you hear you can become a patron to actively take part in furthering the development of my DADGAD guitar style and music and the furthering of your learning.  I will be making new recordings and will also be making videos to show you how I created the music and how I arrange music using my own compositions and many jazz standards in DADGAD tuning on guitar.  

As a guitar player you could open your guitar playing up to a whole other world of fulfilment and musicianship, help me to help you!  Artists can now take greater control and ownership of their art, let's keep this going.  Pledge your support to help artists like me produce music so we are able to carry on sharing and promoting solo guitar playing knowledge and furthering development as artists.  I can't do it without your support.  Become a patron today!

This is all new to me as it might be to you, but all I am looking to do is to properly fund the time and commitment it takes me produce more and better quality performance and learning content for you all and I can't do that without your contributions.  We can develop and mould how you want to learn Jazz guitar with DADGAD tuning on Patron as this builds and help build a strong Jazz guitar community online.

Don't be put off not playing DADGAD tuning.  After all, Jazz is a language on its own despite what tuning is used to voice your creativity.

Jazz Guitar hugs to you all and be excellent to each other.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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