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You are contributing very generously towards my development and goals as an artist and that deserves something in return.  For this Tier you will have access to all my video lessons explaining critical aspects of how I arrange Jazz standards and my own compositions.  These videos will not be made available to anyone else and you will have exclusive access.  




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About Jamie Bell

I am a guitar player and artist.  I play DADGAD guitar in a novel way from how it has traditionally been played.  I play solo guitar carrying on a tradition in the vain of Martin Taylor, George Van Eps and Joe Pass.  If you like what you hear you can become a patron to actively take part in furthering the development of this style and music.  I will be making new recordings and will also be making videos to show you how I created the music and how I arrange music using my own compositions and many jazz standards in DADGAD tuning on guitar.  As a guitar player you could open your guitar playing up to a whole other world of fulfilment and musicianship, help me to help you!  Artists can now take greater control and ownership of their art, let's keep this going.  Pledge your support to help artists like me produce music so we are able to carry on sharing and promoting solo guitar playing knowledge and furthering development as artists.  I can't do it without your support.  Become a patron today!

Guitar hugs and be excellent to each other.

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