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About Jan Beta

Hi, I'm Jan. I repair/hack/make/destroy stuff on YouTube. Electronics, Repair, Tinkering, Retrocomputing, VintageAudio. As unprofessional as it gets. I also stream old games from elderly hardware I repaired/refurbished on Twitch.

Why Patreon? I am currently trying to move away from spending the majority of my time and energy on my day job and towards making a living out of creating content. Patreon is a very essential part of the plan so every little support you can give is greatly appreciated!

You can't buy time obviously, but you can help me to have more time for making videos I don't have to spend making money in other (probably less enjoyable for everyone) ways. I'm a hobbyist who likes to share his experience and maybe enable you to do stuff yourself. I believe in repairing things rather than discarding them. I also believe in learning about how things work rather than just using them. I believe in sharing knowledge openly and honestly. And I sincerely hope to make people smile sometimes.
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I'm going full-time content creator and contributor to the retro scene. A dream comes true!
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