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About Janeen Singer

Hello and THANK YOU for landing here.
My name is Janeen and I am exploring the places where plant wisdom meets human fuckery. Yes, you read that correctly. It feels like humans are devolving, and I believe
it's time to re-orient back to the 
plants, soil, & earth.

I am making space to write, make art, and contemplate this.

I am also the owner of a home & body care company called Holy Sponge.
For the last 7 years, I’ve been providing:
  • Products to support healthy mxnstrual cycles and focus on environmental harm-reduction.
  • Content that educates and connects folks on matters of oppression, liberation, & decolonization.

In spending thousands of hours cleaning, inspecting, trimming, and caring for sea sponges, I've thought a lot about the ocean, natural resources, human impact on the natural world, landfill waste, justice, oppression and how we got to where we are. I don't think we have much time left to repair what's broken. But if we don't work together for BOTH human liberation and earth justice, things will continue to devolve.

I know a lot of folks follow Holy Sponge on Instagram for the content, which comes from my heart as I digest news and seek to integrate my vision of liberation with the world we find ourselves living in. There is an active conversation I am having with Spirit, plants, ancestors, and you, the web of magical people behind the screens.

I am asking for help

1. To continue to share meaningful content that stirs conversation, connection, and community activation towards justice. A net of support, through your patronage, will allow me to breathe a little more easily and shift beyond survival mode.

2. For continued learning/training.

3. To support my writing. 

I am asking for your partnership in making creative work sustainable. If you benefit from what you read here or online, from what my writing illuminates in you- I am asking for you to invest in me and and contribute to my continued learning and care. 

Every dollar we spend is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.

Any amount is appreciated with gratitude and respect. If you'd rather give a one time donation, you can also use  Paypal
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