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About Janelle Hardy

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page. I'm really glad you're here.

My name is Janelle and I'm the creator and host of the Personal Mythmaking Podcast (formerly called Wild Elixir.)

I'm interested in the power of healing through self-reclamation and reconnection to body, ancestry, lineage, place and space.

I believe in art, beauty, kindness and connection. I also believe in our bodies, our anger, our grief, and our tenderness. I believe that when we reclaim ourselves and get rooted in our ancestral and cultural heritages, we rise and rise and rise, empowered, in community, and with fierce power and accountability. We become unshakeable.

Because of this, my life's work is guiding people through a 5-month transformative memoir-writing course called The Art of Personal Mythmaking.

Also because of this, I created a podcast in which I interview wildly fascinating women and non-binary people and ask them the same 4 questions:

  • whose traditional territory are you on?
  • what's your favourite ancient tale (fairytale/folktale/myth/etc)?
  • what's your relationship with your body?
  • what's your connection to your creativity?
I also weave in an added focus on memoir-writing and memoirists, to complement my transformational memoir-writing course.

The conversations that unspool from there are wildly rich, deep and wondrous.

I'm also a self-employed healing arts practitioner, artist, educator and solo single mother and that's why I'm here. My podcast, writing on my blog and newsletter and many of my ecourses are free. They will remain so.

This is where your support comes in. If you like my podcast and writing, please support here on Patreon.  

Your contribution will help me, in the following order:

  1. cover the structural costs of my podcast and hire professionals to do their thing better than I can (editing, transcribing, show notes, etc)
  2. once the structural podcast costs are covered, pay my podcast guests for their time ($200 Canadian each)
  3. build a community here on Patreon where I can share sustainable work within a community that will have input into the podcast and my offerings
  4. write more long-form essays
  5. complete my painting/art projects

I am currently creating these projects:
  • Hosting the Wild Elixir Podcast (approx 27 interviews/year)
  • Writing long-form essays
  • Writing a book
  • Painting a 100+ portrait series

About the book I'm writing
This book has been knocking on the door of my soul for more than 6 years now. I haven't had time to do more than outline the structure and start writing bits and pieces. I so look forward to being able to devote myself more fully to writing this novel that has been waiting so patiently.

About my 100+ portrait series
3 years ago I started painting portraits of people featured in the StyleLikeU #whatsunderneath interview series. These wondrous people are so inspiring and I absolutely love painting their portraits. I've completed just over 75 portraits, and am anxious to have enough time away from the necessities of earning money to pay the bills, in order to finish this portrait series.

In return for your support, I have some lovely goodies including storytline: me, narrating ancient tales and fairytales, for you, with writing prompts. See the rewards levels to discover it all.

Finally, if you'd like to help out with a one time donation instead, just click here.
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  • Podcast transcriptions and editing - two episodes a month!
This is my most longed for service - to hire someone else to do the podcast editing and transcription for me.
  • I'll hire a podcast editor to edit the interviews and write show notes
  • It'll feel so good to be able to provide employment to a professional
  • Transcriptions will make the podcast more accessible to listeners/readers
  • It'll provide better sound quality on the podcast
  • AND I'll free up some of my own time
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