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About Janet Galbraith

I am a poet and writer.  I am also founder and facilitator of Writing Through Fences - an ongoing  collaboration with artists and writers incarcerated within Australia's immigration detention system. 

Since 2013 I have worked closely with many writers and artists in on-shore and off-shore detention.   The goal has been to force spaces for the work of these detained artists and writers, to create platforms and to resource their work. I work from the premise that these acts of creation are necessary in times of destruction and deliberate silencing.   

There are many writers and artists incarcerated within this system that you should have heard of and some that you may have heard of.  Check out the work of Behrouz Boochani (Kurdish journalist, film-maker and writer detained on Manus Island) and Eaten Fish (Iranian cartoonist recently freed from Manus Island and now in Norway).  Visit the Writing Through Fences website at www.writingthroughfences.org

As periods of detention lengthen to 4, 5, 7, 9 years for many, advocacy for people in the Writing Through Fences group around mental and physical health issues has also become an imperative. 

My work has grown into a full-time commitment and is unpaid.

As a poet and writer I continue my own creative practice.  As you know, writer's don't make much money!

Creating this page feels such a strange thing to do ... not something I would usually do ... but ...
your support will assist me to continue both my work as part of Writing Through Fences and my  own writing practice as it will provide me with a stable and sustainable amount of money that will enable me to gain stable and sustainable housing.

I can offer you a new poem each month and, with consent from the individuals, an exclusive update on the work of artists and writers contributing to the new collection of writing and visual art to be published by Writing Through Fences.

'For those of us who do not have the time and skills to do the necessary work that Janet does, contributing financially in order to sustain this work is one way we can help to effect change'.
A. Patchett (Patron)

More on what I do:

Writing and Poetry:
Janet's writing and poetry has been published in Australian poetry journals, anthologies, news outlets and journals.  She has read her work on radio, performed at poetry festivals and readings.  Her poetry collection ‘re-membering’ was published by Walleah Press in 2013. You can buy her book here: https://walleahpress.com.au/bookshop-Galbraith.html

Writing Through Fences and advocacy:
  • Grows platforms for the work of artists and writers who are imprisoned/affected by Australia's immigration detention industry by lobbying newspapers and journals to publish their work and creating independent opportunities for exhibition and publication.

  • Collaborates with artists and writers via online workshops, editing, connecting writers and artists with fellow artists, writers, curators and translators outside the detention system, and assisting with translation.

  • Works in conjunction with international human rights based arts bodies including PEN International, CRNI and ICORN.  One example of this work is that Janet instigated and then worked with ICORN to develop and implement the plan to escape Eaten Fish (cartoonist on Manus Island) from PNG to Norway where he continues to carry out his work in safety.  

  • Spent long periods of time in Papua New Guinea creating local networks to support refugee artists and writers who are in need of psychological, housing, legal, medical and emotional support.

  • Supports various women and children who have been seriously sexually assaulted on Nauru - working persistently to get them to Australia for treatment and attempt to resource these women and children through the various processes and indignities involved in being detained here.

  • Advocates for members of Writing Through Fences who are ill in Australian hospitals, spending months alongside the ill person, ensuring access to legal representation, educating hospitals and staff on the requirement that they treat people who have become refugees as they would any other patient, and keeping watch of the treatment of these patients by SERCO guards who are present 24/7.

Art works and writings: Places for your to visit.

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Once I earn $1200 per month I will be able to have stable, sustainable accommodation which will enable me to continue and grow my literary and advocacy work.  AND we will have a party!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts