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 Thank you for being a patron of my page!  I hope that you enjoy my blog and the art your patronage helps me create. 




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About Wise Ramblings The Art of Janin Wise

Greetings and salutations!  My name is Janin Wise, and I am a maker of things. 

Patreon is where I share my blogs, my behind the scenes, my references, and even my process.  My blogs have been public for the last ten years and MOST of them will remain that way-- to begin, I've moved them over here.  And moving forward, all new ones will be made here. 

I say most, meaning all the art, all the poems, the dreams, the hair flowers, the medieval games-- those will remain public. 

But the stories about my life, my family, family recipes, my inner most thoughts, and when I share my struggles-- those will be shared with my paying patrons.

Because some months I may only make one or two pieces, and others I can make over thirty, this is definitely a monthly and not by piece space.  And $2/ month gains you access to all of it!

I have a wealth of ongoing series that I'm working on finishing-- and with your help, I hope to finish them faster, and turn my art from a hobby into a life that can support my family, and allow me to make every month a more than two pieces month.

Thank you for helping me reach towards it!
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When I reach 350 patrons, I will begin catching up on the past Bird Whisperers so that I have a complete set moving forward.
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