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About Jarett Cale


My name is Jarett Cale.  If you know me, it’s probably because of this:

If you don't, hi, that's me.

I'm a Canadian comedian, TV/film writer-actor-producer, lifelong gamer and proud daddy.

Fifteen years ago I wrote, produced and starred in the pioneering web series "Pure Pwnage".  In 2010, the show transitioned into an award-winning cable television series, followed in 2016 by an award-winning and internationally-debuted feature film.

Now I'm making a new show.


Original comedy.  Any style, any medium, total freedom.

  • Sketch: character, situation, interviews, rants...
  • Streaming: gaming, IRL, talk, in-character...
  • Animation: digital puppetry, machinima, bad art...
  • Audio: podcast, literary, bad music...
  • Stand-up: live, stage, in-studio.

  • Patreon (you are here)
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Stage (a raised floor made of wood)

In short:  I'm creating a new comedy series, exclusively with the means granted by this campaign, and without restriction on style or medium.  A truly modern variety show, not only in regards to content, but also financing, production and distribution.

What's most exciting to me about this model is how it allows MY SHOW™ to continually evolve on and off-screen.  The production scope can be expanded virtually on-the-fly; more gear, more people, more places.  The audience can help shape its creative direction; who recurs, what topic, which format... where should we go next?

As the show comes to life, it will see content releases that are occasionally a short single piece and other times a longer, variety-style edit with more components, depending on how well they stand alone or fit together.

This Patreon is home base and The Feed™ is updated regularly with behind-the-scenes videos, pictures and blog posts, documenting the process while sharing some of my life along the way.

Right now it's just me, the fam, and my little basement studio, but that's more than enough to get rolling.  We're starting small, but the sky's the limit and I'm eager to see where this adventure takes us!


1.  It's the Rug
It unifies a cross-platform project and provides an official and useful home for the core fans and supporting audience.

2.  It's Stable
The ongoing financing model is an ideal fit for an independent, open concept and indefinitely long-running project.  Predictable income gives me the groundwork to focus on MY SHOW™ and not be unexpectedly distracted by things like starvation and homelessness.

3.  It's Adaptable
MY SHOW™ is free to evolve over time as the rapidly-changing ecosystem of Internet media distribution demands.  We're never locked into a bad formula or a dying medium.

4.  It's Risk-Free
If you think I start to suck, or for any other reason whatsoever in the universe because it's actually no one's business but your own, you stop giving me money.  It's quick, easy, and I'll forever be grateful for the chance you gave me.  Plus, it motivates me to work hard and make sure that thought never enters your mind.

5. It's True Creative Freedom
No networks, no ads, no underwriting.  This means I'm totally free to create niche content, take bold creative chances, and maybe even rock the cultural boat a little.


Q:  Any plans to feature actors from the Pure Pwnage universe in the new project?
A:  I would love to feature the amazing actors from Pure Pwnage.  If the budget allows, they'll be the first people I call.

Q:  Is the new project strictly gaming-culture focused like Pure Pwnage?
A:  No.  While gaming is still a core element of my being and sure to be a decent chunk of MY SHOW™'s subject matter, there will also be a lot of work centered around my other interests and experiences.

Q:  What are you making MY SHOW™ with?
A:  [June 2019]  I'm shooting video on a Google Pixel 3 running FiLMiC Pro, mounted in an Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal.  It's incredible what you can achieve with a smartphone and a little gear in 2019.  I'm using the Adobe CC suite for post-production.

Q:  Where are you based?
A:  Toronto, Canada.

Q:  I noticed something about your show and/or campaign and/or face that sucks.  How do I educate you of this fact while graciously offering my time and effort, pro bono, to improve it?
A:  Your awesome ass should email me at jarett dot com.

Q:  Can I make a capital-for-equity investment?
A:  Because this Patreon is really more about supporting me as an artist, rather than a particular property, it's not something I'm considering.  You're welcome to change my mind, though.
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I'll found an official political party and publicly campaign for the office of Prime Minister of Canada.
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