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Hello, my name is Zachary (Jaroks), and I would like to give a brief description of my YouTube channel and what I am hoping to accomplish by opening this patreon. My channel is a gaming channel based off of Star Wars games and other misc. stuff. Right now, my videos are being edited using Windows Movie Maker and I am stuck using only a laptop. It's not the best thing to use when you are a content creator, but you got to work with what you have. 

About me - I am an 18-year-old YouTuber that is in his senior year in high school and is soon going to college for graphic design. I love doing this kind of work because it helps express who I really am. When I was younger, I was never usually allowed on the computer because my family was pretty strict about certain things such as using electronics. The only electronic thing I had was a Nintendo Wii Mini that my mom bought me.  
At age 14, my life took a turn for the worst and my father committed suicide. That was the hardest part of my life where not only was he taken away from me, I had to move away from everything I once knew and loved. The only reason I started making videos was to connect with people and fill the gaps in my mind that were created by the trauma I have gone through. If you supported me, that would be amazing and I would be extremely grateful. Hopefully, I can return the favor and give back to all of you who choose to support me. Thank you.
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When I reach $100, I will do a drawing to give a $25 steam gift card
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